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Embracing Your Teen’s New Year Goals

As we ring in the New Year, many of us can be overwhelmed with thoughts of creating a new self, setting new goals, or even convincing ourselves that this year will be better. It’s important to keep in mind that we have opportunities to create new beginnings all the time, year-round, throughout our lives, and…

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Helping Your Teen Find The Pathway Towards Self-Worth

Teens in modern society have a lot more to combat than those of yesteryear. With the world of social media growing at an insane rate, today’s teens are spending more and more time comparing themselves to reality television stars than to political leaders, educators, and similar inspiring community figures. This has resulted in increased distorted…

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The Wrong Crowd: How To Help Your Teen Navigate A Negative Influence

So your teenager is hanging with the wrong crowd. Maybe it’s those kids with ‘questionable’ appearances that hang out in front of the convenience store…or the kids who are known for skipping school to get “stoned.” Whatever the case may be, the teenagers of today live in a highly-influenced world charged by social media postings…

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