Helping Teens & Young Adults Get Calm, Get Confident, And Be Happy

Therapy in Downtown Campbell, California

Do any of these sound like your teen?

They feel lost in life.

They feel lonely.

They don’t feel great about themselves.

Their confidence is at an all-time low.

They’re struggling to motivate themselves to do anything.

They feel themselves sinking into increasingly negative feelings.

They are experiencing difficulties with attention, focus, and hyperactivity.

If so, I'm here to help.


How I Help

Therapy For Teens And Young Adults
in Campbell, California

Life as a teen is challenging. Maybe they earned a bad grade and it led to big disappointment; or they withdraw from their friends when they actually want to connect. Perhaps they internalize typical “bumps in the road” and experience feelings of low self-worth. I help teens get to a place where they can handle what life throws their way. Imagine your teen feeling confident and motivated - that they could envision the life they want and make it happen.

I help teens identify thinking patterns that lead to negative feelings and emotions while helping replace them with positive self-talk that mirrors their true selves and how they would actually like to feel on a daily basis. For many teens, errors in their thought process lead to various symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, and ultimately can affect different parts of their lives including family, social life, and school performance.

The Benefits

Here's What Your Teen Or Young Adult
Can Achieve With My Help

Get strategies to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, hopelessness, or self-doubt.

Find safe, healthy coping skills to replace unhealthy coping skills.

Improve self-esteem and gain a sense of belonging, competence and responsibility.

Learn how to manage their emotions, express what's up, and improve communication.

Manage attention, focus, and hyperactivity to make good choices and lower impulsivity.

Discover how to effectively adapt to changes in their family dynamic and other parts of their lives.

Hi, I'm Nolan Johnson

I am an authentic, goal-oriented, passionate therapist that can help your teen gain life skills, get more present, and build the life they want. I provide care for teens and young adults experiencing a lot of pressure, emotions that feel out of control, and who are feeling stressed in life.

What makes me different: I have a lot of compassion and accept my clients just as they are, without judgment.